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RCA microphone for recorder and surveillance camera

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For a surveillance camera to be operational, it is not enough, however, to have one. Indeed, it is necessary to have the appropriate accessories, in particular an RCA microphone for recorder and surveillance camera.
You have in your possession a CCTV camera but it does not have a built-in microphone. The solution is to opt for a plug and play microphone to be able to listen to discussions and sounds around. The reduced size of the microphone makes the equipment very practical because thanks to this, the microphone can be installed anywhere, easily and quickly. The RCA microphone is first of all very sensitive, which is what makes it so charming. It captures the sound of a room and then associates it with images from cameras. This miniature microphone performs very well in an enclosed space of approximately 50 m2. This large amplitude microphone is also very easy to use. Indeed, it is easily connected to your video surveillance installation as soon as it is equipped with an RCA port. It is also sufficient to connect it between the analog camera equipped with a BNC port and the DC power cable. Thanks to this cable you will have both the video from the camera and the audio from the microphone.

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