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High sensitivity dome microphone

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Small size microphone fits in different environment
Ball-shaped microphone for surveillance camera
Works with any surveillance system
Effective range up to 50m2
Take all the sounds with this high gain audio system
Adjustable gain control
Acoustic cover for better noise reduction
RCA connector

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Some surveillance cameras do not record sound. They only offer video images. In order to be able to record the sound of the videos taken by your surveillance cameras, it is ideal to use a microphone but not just any. We offer several ranges of accessories for surveillance kits according to your needs. In our microphone range there is the high sensitivity dome microphone. This microphone is a device combining reliability and performance.

This device was designed to serve as a microphone for surveillance cameras that do not have one. This spy microphone is a standard accessory. It can then be tuned to any video surveillance system. With the RCA interface that it has, it will suffice to connect it to an AUX input of the video surveillance kit.

This dome microphone is capable of picking up sounds over an area of up to 50 m2. Thanks to its adjustable gain control, it will provide better sound quality with better volume. It should be noted that the gain provided by this microphone is particularly high. Thus, even if the emitted sounds are very low, this device amplifies its sounds so that they are usable. And with its acoustic cover, noise and interference are reduced.

The dome microphone has a very modern ball shape. In addition to that, it is small in size with its length of 6.9cm, width of 6.9cm and thickness of 4.1cm. It will not only be able to adapt to any environment but it will go completely unnoticed.

This device has unlimited autonomy. Indeed, it is enough just to connect it to the sector. Moreover, it only requires a 12 volt power supply. You won't have to worry about recharging it every time.

So, to offer the best sound to your video surveillance devices, the high sensitivity dome microphone is the equipment you need. What makes this device special is its adjustable gain control, allowing you to always have usable sounds regardless of the volume of the sounds perceived.

Data sheet

6.9 x6.9 x 4.1 cm
12 Volts

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