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8-port Poe switch

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10 Ports including 8 in POE

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Some surveillance camera models are powered by the Ethernet cable. And if you have more than five CCTV cameras for example, imagine the number of cables to manage. So, to facilitate the management of this whole network, opt for a poe switch. We offer several switch models according to your needs. The 8 port POE switch is one of our most popular models.

This switch model includes 10 ports, 8 of which are POE and 2 single ports. This model is ideal for up to eight POE surveillance cameras. These eight ports can output 12.9 W of power to power surveillance cameras (according to IEEE 802.3af standard). In addition to these eight POE ports, there are the two single ports. On the two single ports, it will be possible to connect devices requiring only a traditional network connection.

This 8-port POE switch has a regular-sized rectangular box shape. With its black color and classic design, this eight-port switch is very discreet and dark. Thus, it will be suitable for both a home and an office. What's more, the ten ports of this device are concealed on the back so that it is not eye-catching and not cluttered by all those cables.

To turn on this switch, simply connect it to the mains. It has an input to which a power cable can be connected. Thus, this 8-port POE switch has unlimited autonomy.

It should be noted that this switch like all our devices is made from quality material, which makes it both reliable and robust.

Unlike the classic switch, this model has POE ports that can accommodate up to eight POE surveillance cameras. Thus, if you want to acquire several POE surveillance cameras or if you already have some, equip yourself with this model to manage everything and to organize everything.

Data sheet

DC48V / 2500MA
8 IEEE 802.3af port

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