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4 port Poe switch

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5 Ports including 4 in POE

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If you have several surveillance cameras at home or in your workplace using the internet, it is essential to equip yourself with a POE switch so as not to get lost. Thus, to efficiently manage all these cameras and other devices requiring an Ethernet cable, we offer several switch models. It will distribute the network between the devices that are connected. But in addition to that, it determines the necessary bandwidths for each device. To choose the switch with the number of ports you need, it is first necessary to count the number of devices connected to the Ethernet cable but also those that have a POE port. We offer you this 4-port POE switch.

In this model, there are five ports including 4 POE ports according to the IEEE 802.3af standard and a single Ethernet port. It should be noted that a classic Ethernet port is to provide an internet connection to a device while a POE port allows the power of a device through the Ethernet cable. And since it follows the IEEE 802.3af standard, these four ports provide a maximum power of 15.4W.

The switch comes in the form of a very simple and sober black box. Thanks to this design, it can be placed anywhere and goes unnoticed. It will match the decor of your home or office. All ports are concealed behind the device to avoid clutter. This switch is made from quality materials, which gives it additional reliability in addition to being very efficient.

As for the power supply of this switch, just plug it into a mains socket to make it operational. It has an entry to directly connect the cable.

To not be overwhelmed by the cables of the four surveillance cameras that you have, equip yourself with this 4-port POE switch. This device will manage all these data flows in addition to feeding them.

Data sheet

DC48V / 1250MA
4 IEEE 802.3af port

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