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12 Volt transformer for camera

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High quality transformer

Durable copper and plastic construction

Protection against overvoltage

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There are several ranges of surveillance cameras, there are those that use rechargeable batteries and there are those that do not use batteries but plug directly into the mains. To keep these monitoring devices powered by the mains current operational, they must be permanently connected to the outlets. This is where the processor comes in. And this time, in order to power your surveillance cameras, we are offering you this 12 volt transformer with its quality finishes. We prioritize quality especially on our transformers because if ever a transformer is of poor quality, it risks damaging the camera.
The 12 volt camera transformer is a device that converts mains current. Indeed, it takes at the input a current with a voltage of 220V to convert it into a current with a voltage of 12V to be able to supply the cameras. It should be noted that the 12V voltage is the standard voltage supported by surveillance cameras, hence the need for a transformer.
The transformer consists of a box with a plug and a cable with a DC input. It is made with high quality materials like copper fabrications and durable plastics. It can therefore withstand everyday use and possible shocks. What is more, this surveillance camera transformer is equipped with surge protection. Which means that even in places where the current is bad, the transformer will protect the camera from short circuits.
Like all Transformers, this one has a full size enclosure that is 75mm long by 40mm wide and 30mm high. With this black and simple case, it has a standard and discreet design.
Just connect the cable to the surveillance camera and plug the box into the mains. And immediately, the surveillance camera will be operational.
Thus, as we have already stated, we guarantee you excellent quality on this product in order to preserve the life of the surveillance camera to which it is connected.

Data sheet

75 x 40 x 30
12 Volts 1A
70 grams

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