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Motorized infrared speed dome
€393.99 €315.99

Constant protection for your home and your loved ones

Currently, the question of security arises in the thoughts of every citizen at all times. Do you need constant monitoring of your home during your absences, or when you sleep? Discover a range of cameras ranging from 1Mp, 2Mp and 5Mp to meet your needs and your budget. To discourage criminals, or simply to protect your family, the 5Mp camera is one of the most efficient materials that exist today. She has night vision . Thanks to this sensor, it is also able to provide clear and sharp images . Its infrared vision provides it with the ability to film even at night. This infrared also allows him to film at a distance of about 20 meters. These cameras do not have batteries because they are mains powered, which gives them unlimited autonomy.

Record your videos in any weather conditions

The main advantages of these cameras are in their housings. Completely waterproof, with a fairly high protection index, our surveillance cameras are resistant to rain and all types of weather (snow, dust, extreme heat, etc.). They can even withstand very harsh temperatures from -10 to 50°C. Without moving a finger, you can keep an eye on your property and its surroundings. Worry no more, with these surveillance cameras you can sleep soundly and check the actions that happened the next day.

Compact cameras for unnoticed surveillance

In principle, surveillance of the premises is more effective when it is done in secret. That's why we bring you compact size cameras that all bad guys can't notice. Cylindrical models, for example, offer reduced dimensions of 59 x 39 x 40 mm, or 22 x 10.5 x 10.9 cm. For the square camera, it comes in a miniature format of 25 x 25 x 10 cm with a light weight of 150 grams. And for round cameras, they are available in small sizes of 89 x 76cm, 157 x 70 x 66mm, 29.5 x 28 x 17cm, 184 x 66 x 66mm, etc.

Cameras easy to recharge on mains

These surveillance cameras stand out for their easy and fast charging. This time, there's no need to spend your money on batteries as you only need to plug the camera into the mains and it's ready to go. Some 12V cameras only require one hour of charging time, and other models up to 3 hours maximum. Their batteries thus enjoy unlimited autonomy allowing them to run continuously. In case of low battery, each camera seems very easy to disassemble. For the square camera especially, it has a stable stand to conveniently put it on the shelf, so no need to disassemble to charge it.