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720P HD Trail Camera

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This new 720 P HD hunting camera has been designed to optimize your hunting activities. Its motion detection option allows you to spot game within a 60 ° viewing angle. At night, its infrared sensor takes pictures of places up to 20 meters away. It is triggered very quickly in just 0.8 seconds and simultaneously records high quality videos.

A 2-inch screen allows you to view data on the device. However, using a USB cable is convenient for viewing photos on a mobile device (laptop, mobile phone, etc.). A cable TV is also possible to see everything on a television.

As tough as it is tough, this trail camera has an IP54 rating, which means it's perfectly waterproof and designed for an outdoor environment.

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Data sheet

Standby time
4 to 6 months
131.42 * 98.72 * 77.44 mm
1280 * 720
Video format
Viewing angle
60 °
30 days
Yes - IP54
Storage type
SD card up to 32 GB
Image format
Interface type
Usb and TV
Battery capacity
8 AA batteries
Photo resolution
12MP (4000 * 3000); 8MP (3264 * 2448); 5MP (2592 * 1944)
Infrared vision
Yes - 20 meters
Tripping time
0.8 sec
Screen size
2 inch
Video output
    Which operators are compatible with GSM hunting cameras?

    To monitor or observe outdoor life, such as capturing the behavior of animals or ensuring the safety of your property, an ordinary HD camera is no longer enough. It is then necessary to use a hunting camera. The latter is designed to withstand extreme conditions, whether in the face of climate, dust or humidity. Often the battery is made of 8 AA batteries which gives it an autonomy of up to 1 month. It can be recharged using an ordinary solar or electric charger. The photos and videos recorded by the hunting camera are HD quality and it is possible to insert a micro SD card to optimize the storage capacity of the device. The data received from this device are certainly usable. For the most part, a hunting camera is equipped with night vision, so as not to miss anything in total darkness. A hunting camera does not need direct manipulation because, in standby mode, it can be triggered at the slightest breath. Therefore, she is very sensitive to movements. Practically all hunting cameras are equipped with a GSM support to facilitate the remote control and reception of data via a computer or smartphone. As for the proper operator, some devices like the 16MP MMS Night Vision Fighter Camera does not work with Orange. It is strongly advisable to use the Free operator which offers cheaper costs.

    Are hunting cameras capable of shooting in Full HD?

    Traditional cameras are not adequate equipment for making hunting videos. You have to opt for devices like the hunting camera. The latter is a video sensor integrated into a waterproof housing, able to withstand the worst weather conditions. In addition, the device is equipped with a fastening system that facilitates its installation on a tree or pole. It can be believed that a hunting camera has quite low photographic performance. However, this is not true. This type of camera is usually capable of producing HD or Full HD videos. Filming the game in its natural habitat – or the highlights of the hunting game – requires a powerful video sensor. With a device not even being able to shoot in HD, we risk ending up with blurry and usable images. On the other hand, video sensors capable of shooting in HD or Full HD are the most suitable for producing images that can be used in low light conditions. In this way, the hunting camera does not rely entirely on features like night vision.

    Do hunting cameras offer a fastening system?

    Image capture technologies are now embedded in traditional activities such as hunting. Hunters use this type of equipment to track game – especially to observe animals in their habitat. The camera can also be used to make videos – which can be shown to loved ones or shared on social networks. The hunting camera is of course designed for outdoor use. This is usually in the form of a waterproof housing capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, the device often displays a color with camouflage patterns. This makes it easy to hide the hunting camera in the vegetation. This type of device has a very strong fasteningsystem. Indeed, animals must not be able to pick up the device and then damage it. This system is most often a strap – this makes it easy to put the material on a small shaft or a lookout stake.

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