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Micro spy GSM cable

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  1. Automatic callback
  2. Good listening quality
  3. Works worldwide
  4. Unlimited autonomy if plugged in

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Today, many safety accessories are flooding the market. But few are really performing. Among these, we must not forget to mention the GSM spy microphone cable which turns out to be an important spying equipment.

This device looks like a banal USB cable that is only used to transfer data and recharge a battery. It is important to point out that a cable that does not allow transfers to be made will arouse suspicion. This is why the designers of this model allowed it to do the work of an ordinary USB cable.

In addition, it embeds a microphone system that allows it to make good quality voice recordings. This GSM spy microphone is also capable of accommodating a phone chip. In addition, it takes into account all operators, including at the international level. That is, this device works all over the world.

This micro spy recorder is easy to use. Just plug it into a computer or other power source with a USB input to make it work. Note that it will guarantee significant autonomy in this way. This accessory also offers an automatic reminder function. This cable also has an automatic detection function. Thus, it automatically calls the number configured with the chip in case of sound detection. It should be emphasized that the SIM card implanted inside must be configured properly with a chip installed on a mobile phone.

Apart from its weight of 16 grams, this model also has a USB 2.0 that facilitates its integration with another device. Note that its small size allows its user to take it anywhere. In other words, this is a perfectly mobile piece of equipment.

Data sheet

unlimited thanks to a mains connection
Automatic callback
Compatible operator
Automatic detection
16 grams
    Can a spy microphone keep audio recording data?

    A mini microphone is a special spy gadget suitable for listening toaudio. It comes in different models and forms suitable for each need and framework of use. Its small size allows it to be hidden anywhere and be transported without difficulty. The important thing to remember is that it has a powerful built-in microphone. Each spy microphone has its own recording volume. It has a great listening sensitivity that can be adjusted according to the needs. It is also of a formidable accuracy to perform voice captures in its vicinity. The listening perimeter of the device can vary from 10 meters up to 1500 meters for some and equipped with a geolocation function for others. In addition to being entirely discreet by its size, it is often intended for wireless use with its lithium battery. Because of this, its autonomy can range from 4 or 6 hours and even about ten days for some but if it is used continuously, it can still be connected to a sector. The spy microphone can be programmed for manual or automatic use and warn its owner by SMS at the slightest sound effect detected. By the way, the record provides is quite distinct and of very good quality. As for its storage capacity, it goes around 8 GB, sometimes more depending on the type.

    Are the mini microphones equipped with a sound detector?

    Mini microphones are undoubtedly one of the spying and surveillance equipment par excellence. Thanks to its compact case and its small size, a mini microphone is far from cumbersome and it can be installed anywhere in the house, on a vehicle or an object that you want to keep an eye on in the face of any unexpected movements without being spotted. Another quality of a mini microphone is its fairly high autonomy. Indeed, it is often equipped with a chargeable lithium battery that allows it to remain active around 12 days or so. With some exceptions, a mini microphone is often equipped with a GSM support requiring the use of a SIM card that will be used to alert its owner by SMS, of possible irregularities around its perimeter. The sensitivity of each mini microphone can be configured according to the expectation of each. Therefore, one can be absent with peace of mind, for a weekend or a week when he will properly perform his role. In case of warning of the mini microphone, its owner will have time to contact neighbors or directly the authorities to take the necessary measures. In addition, it is both a high-performance microphone but also a detector of sound vibrations below 75 decibels.

    Which operators are compatible with spy microphones?

    Let us remember that a spy microphone is, in general, a device for audio recording. The smallest can be in the form of an SD card and the largest, a mobile phone. It is therefore very easily concealable in a camera, pen or other devices that we find on a daily basis, in order to record in a distinct way conversations or sounds that we consider important and that we would like to keep. A spy microphone is equipped with an ultra-sensitive built-in microphone. Because of this, all the sounds captured are very good qualities. The use of a spy microphone is often wireless, but for some, if you want continuous employment, you can leave it connected to a sector. There are long-range spy microphones or spy microphones with functions at the same time, transmitters, receivers with a listening option. On the other hand, there are those that require a SIM card to be connected to a smartphone or tablet. If we then decide to take a GSM spy microphone, we sometimes find ourselves in front of a device that restricts on certain operators but also on the size of the SIM card. This small inconvenience is increasingly rare but remains relevant. By the way, when the device can run on any carrier, just don't forget to disable the pin code before inserting it. Now, the majority of spy microphones can work anywhere in the world and with any operator. It will then be a matter of choosing the one that will not create a hole in your wallet

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