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Kingston Micro SD 16GB card with its adapter

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Supplied with SD adapter
16GB memories
Premium quality

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    What are the different protection indices on a camera?

    The protection rating or IP is a number to classify the level of protection that a device has against intrusions of liquid and solid bodies. It is a device set up by the International Electronic Commission on Waterproofing. It is composed of two figures that vary from 0 to 9, depending on the resistance of the device against different possible attacks (rain, snow, wind, debris, dust,...). The first digit most often indicates the ability to protect against solids such as dust for example. While the second refers to the attacks of liquids like water. All spy cameras, especially those used for outdoor use (hunting camera,...), are represented by a protection index. There are thus different indices of protection depending also on the size of the debris, the volumes of water, the force of the blows. For example, for some cameras, they need a minimum protection index of 66. At this point, the camera is perfectly protected from both rain and dust. For total tightness, the index should reach about 67. One can even film in the water with such protection.

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