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OBD2 gps tracker

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  1. Live GPS Tracking
  2. Microphone (remote listening)
  3. Unlimited autonomy
  4. Location accuracy at 5 meters
  5. Easy to use
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Data sheet

High capacity lithium
Possible operating temperature
-35 ° C to 70 ° C
Battery capacity
250 mAH
GSM frequency
850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
Tripping time
1 second
Walking time
10 days
Yes - 3G
Map location
Online tracking platform
Yes - free (included in the price of the plotter)
Internal antenna
Mobile app
Yes - Iphone and Android
Remote management
History of the plotter
Yes - saved for more than 6 months
Location accuracy
at 5 meters
Low battery signal sending
SOS button
Alarm setting
Yes - shock and when the GPS exceeds a geographic limit
    Which operators are compatible with GPS trackers?

    Finally! The GPS tracker is on the market to ensure your safety. A beacon that provides in real time the geographical location of an object or a person or even an animal. But still, the technology has made sure to release models without wires, with or without magnets, perfectly autonomous. The battery of a GPS tracker, often made of lithium, is perfectly rechargeable and can therefore have the ability to operate for a long time. One of the advantages of this gadget is that it is very resistant to the various aggressions or external shocks that it can encounter on a daily basis. As a rule, a GPS tracker is equipped with GSM support, hence the need for the use of a SIM card. This will allow your device to be connected to your Mac or Windows computer or to your smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS, thanks to a specific application. Unfortunately, in most cases, we often encounter problems related to restriction of certain operators and on the other hand, some of the models require micro SIM cards. Rest assured, this disadvantage is not present on all GPS trackers because there are some that do not have a limitation such as the MICRO SPY GSM GPS tracker or the gps long-lasting gps tracker and many other devices available in store. Just as the subscription is not required for the most part.

    Do I need a telephone subscription to use this beacon a GPS tracker?

    The GPS tracker evolves day by day in order to facilitate and provide a way to optimize its use. When we say tracer, we mean safety and follow-up. Thanks to one of these technological marvels, it is possible to prevent theft or loss and even to track or find a person or object that we care about. Indeed, a tracer can put himself, not only on a car, as much on a motorcycle, in a suitcase or a backpack, hung on the collar of our favorite pet or on your keys and many other possibilities to discover. The plotter is made to move so it works wirelessly and transmits the precise geographical coordinates in real time of what we want to know the position. In addition, one can receive an alert via SMS from this beacon during unexpected movements or routes. The best tracers are those that are equipped with GSM support, the majority of which know no restrictions in terms of SIM card and operator. It will need to be connected to a smartphone or tablet to be configured or that the tracer can inform its owner of the location and also warn him when the battery will soon need to be recharged. You can use a prepaid SIM card but it is nevertheless advisable to switch to the subscription if you have the intension to use the GPS tracker intensively.

    What types of SIM cards are compatible with GPS trackers?

    A GPS tracker is a device that can be divided into two separate modules. The first module is a GPS receiver with the function of collecting position data. The second module is a GSM mobile telephony unit whose function is to transmit position data by SMS or Internet. The use of a GPS beacon therefore requires a SIM card. To equip the geolocation box, we have 3 chip formats. It is indeed possible to choose a mini SIM, a micro SIM or a nano SIM. The selection of the format is mainly determined by the size of the slot dedicated to the chip. In addition, SIM cards for GPS beacons can be purchased from mobile phone operators. The use of the chip with the geolocation hardware does not require a subscription. It should also be noted that there are no additional costs associated with viewing position data over the Internet.

    Do all GPS trackers have a magnetized support?

    The GPS tracker allows a tracking of the movements of a vehicle or a person, without the need to make a spinning. This type of hardware provides options that make it easier to use, as well as features that improve its performance. The GPS beacon usually works with a SIM card. This chip incorporates a GSM support that ensures the transmission of location data. The magnetized support is a component found on some models of spy tracer. This element can be considered as a fastening system. The magnet facilitates the installation of the beacon on a metal surface. GPS trackers designed for tracking a car or motorcycle often have a magnetized stand. It then becomes easy to hide the GPS beacon in the body of the motorized vehicle. A vehicle or motorcycle on the move may experience shaking. To prevent the spy tag from falling, a very strong fastening system is required. That is why manufacturers opt for a very powerful magnet to equip their GPS trackers.

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