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What is the average charging time of a spy camera?

A spy camera works without wiring. It is therefore not necessary to connect it to an electrical outlet during use. This type of equipment carries a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery. This power supply ensures an autonomy of several hours. The battery also allows you to film without interruption for a certain duration. The minimum continuous check-in time is half an hour. On the most efficient devices, this duration can exceed one hour. Note that the Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable. Often in the box of a spy camera is a USB cable and a charging case. The latter allows a connection to the sector. The average charging time varies from one to two hours depending on the model and the capacity of the battery. Besides, the USB cable is not only used for data transfer. The accessory is also used for charging. Connecting to the sector is not the only possibility. Charging can actually be done on a computer – be it a desktop model or a laptop. It is noted, however, that the charging time on a computer is greater than on an electrical outlet. The charging time can be doubled with a laptop.