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What is FULL HD resolution?

Full HD is an English term that can be translated as "full high definition". Associating it with the image resolution is in a way an abuse of language. Both concepts are used to express the display quality of an image or monitor, with the difference that the resolution takes into account the size of the display medium. The notions of resolution and image definition mainly concern the world of video processing. In the case of the spy camera, the Full HD resolution provides information on the quality of the videos that the device can produce. It can be represented by the value 1080p. The latter means that the images obtained by the video sensor are displayed in a format of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Thus, Full HD or 1080p actually refers to video definition and not resolution. Note that the resolution is expressed in pixels per inch. In the market of mini spy cameras, a device capable of producing recordings in Full HD ranks in the category of high-end models. Images with a video definition of 1080p are distinguished by their sharpness.