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What is a video trigger time?

A spy camera is a device that allows you to film without attracting attention or arousing suspicion. The launch of a recording is easily done with this type of equipment. A simple press of a button allows this. Some models even offer remote control. The activation of the device is then carried out by means of a remote control. In addition, the launch of a recording can be done automatically with high-end mini cameras. The presence of a motion sensor makes this feature possible. The motion detection has a range of about ten meters. Detection is only possible over this distance and within the viewing angle of the video sensor. The video trigger time is thus the time between the detection of the movement and the activation of the camera to start the recording. It is important that the trigger time is quite small. Indeed, a spy camera or a hunting camera can miss the action to be filmed because of too high an activation time. Generally speaking, a spy camera offers an average video trigger time of one second.