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What is a video sensor on a spy camera?

A spy camera is certainly a miniature camera but it works like a normal camera. It is therefore equipped with a video sensor. It is a mechanism consisting of a photosensitive plate. With its millions of photo-sites or pixels, it captures light from the camera lens. The sensor then transforms this light into electrical signals, that is, currents. With the help of the processor, the currents will be converted into digital images that will be saved on the device. The images are then stored on a medium such as an SD card for example. Then just plug the device into a computer to recover the photos as well as the videos and view them. There are different types of video sensor depending on their size and degree of sensitivity to light. For spy cameras, there are specific sensors suitable for their small size. These are the CMOS or Complementarity Metal-Oxide Semiconductor sensors. They have the particularity of existing in miniature version perfectly adapted to most spy cameras that hide in everyday objects (spy clock, spy USB key, spy lighter,...). They are also high-performance. The images produced and captured are of excellent quality.