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What is a mini-USB port for?

Since the advent of USB technology, most computer devices (computers, phone, smart TVs, game consoles,...) today have USB ports. The latter often has four pins. The first serves as power, the second as mass, the third and fourth are used to transfer data. You should know that some USB ports are more efficient especially in terms of the speed of transfers. Some versions are faster than others. With the appearance of even more compact devices, usb ports undergo changes at the same time. We end up with mini-USB ports. Normal ports have been reduced to suit miniature devices such as spy cameras (watch camera, car key camera,...). These ports have the same utilities as normal ports, it's just the size that is reduced to fit smaller devices. To do this, you absolutely need a mini USB connector. It is a connection with two tips connected by a cable, the first is adapted to the mini USB of the spy camera and the second largest will fit into the computer for example. This will make it easier to transfer data from one device to another.