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What is a lithium polymer battery?

A spy camera usually uses a lithium polymer battery as a power supply. The proposed autonomy depends of course on the capacity of the battery. The lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery is not to be confused with the lithium-ion (Li-ion) version. Both variants share the same principle of operation, but some differences are noted in terms of characteristics. The Li-Po battery is first of all more stable and reliable than the Li-ion, even if in terms of energy density it is lower. The format of the Li-Po is more suitable for small devices such as the spy camera. The lithium polymer battery is thin, lightweight and can take many forms. Its service life is also more important. However, Li-Po costs more than a lithium-ion battery. The Li-Po battery used for mini cameras is rechargeable. Charging is done via a connection to an electrical outlet – a USB DC12V charger is then required – or on a computer. Note that the charging time is longer with a connection to a computer.