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What does built-in microphone mean?

The majority of spy camera devices contain a built-in microphone. It is a mechanism that is used to record sound in addition to images. This is microphone with omnidirectional directivity. It is able to pick up all sounds from any direction while keeping the same frequency. Depending on the microphones used and their degree of sensitivity, one can have different sound qualities. Some will be more distinct than others with more or less noises (breaths, wrinkling,...). There are even models that can capture sound up to 10 m or 20 m away. It can be found in spy camera clocks, spy camera watches, USB sticks,... The built-in microphone is essential for the spy camera to be effective. It is indeed very good to have images but it is better to have the sound to accompany it. Other models are devoid of camera and are armed only with built-in microphone, these are the spy microphone. Among the ranges available, there are micro spy pens, 4GB dictaphones, micro spy cables that work thanks to a GPS chip. They are all practical, simple to use and discreet.