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Is the product compatible with macOS and Linux computers?

As a rule, our spy cameras have been developed to be compatible with all types of operating system. Whether your computer is running macOS or Linux, you will need to be able to read and view your spy camera data. No installation software,no drivers are needed. Files are normally produced in standard formats that everyone knows and masters. The videos will be compressed in AVI, the photos in JPG and the sound in MPEG-4. You can easily view them on VLC or SM Player. They are simple and practical devices for everyday use. Using a USB cable, you'll only have to transfer the images from the camera to your PC or laptop. An action that also does not require specific software. This should not affect the quality of the recorded images or their resolution. In any case, our spy cameras are easy to handle and are suitable for both individuals and professionals. Our product range is within everyone's reach and does not require specific or specialized needs.