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How does remote vision work?

Remote viewing is a feature that high-end spy camera models offer. This consists of consulting the images taken in real time by the video sensor. For live viewing, one can use the computer or mobile devices such as the smartphone or tablet. Note that this feature relies entirely on an Internet connection. With a computer, access to the online viewing platform is made from a browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox). With the smartphone or tablet, access to the remote vision feature is achieved by means of a dedicated application. A mini spy camera features a Wi-Fi antenna to make the feature possible. It is also necessary that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network with an Internet connection. When remote viewing is enabled, the device streams the captured images over the Internet. In addition, the scope of the feature is unlimited. The mini spy camera and viewing medium do not necessarily use the same Wi-Fi network. Note that live broadcast images are also saved in the storage memory of the spy camera.