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Does the transfer of registration data require the installation of specific software?

Normally, to transfer recording data from a spy camera to a computer, there is no need to install any specific software. File transfer is to recover the images as well as the videos in the memory card of the camera or spy microphone. You must then copy them to your computer. This is necessary to empty your memory card so that it continues to save data and function normally. Indeed, if you do not do this, you may lose important images. For this, specific software is not required. The most important thing is that your computer is equipped with an operating system that works, be it Windows, MacOS or Linux. To do this, you just have to connect your spy camera to your computer through a USB cable or mini-USB connection. If you want to convert your video to a different format than the one it is saved on or you are thinking of changing the resolution of your photos, you will actually need a specific software. In the case of a simple transfer of recording data, this will not be useful. All our product ranges are easy to use and convenient to make your life easier.