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Can I recharge the device on a computer?

A mini spy camera uses a Lithium-ion battery as a power supply. This battery is rechargeable and offers an autonomy of several hours. The operating time, however, depends on the capacity of the battery – such as the charging time. This type of spying hardware usually comes with a USB DC12V adapter. This accessory allows you to charge the device by connecting it to the mains. The charging kit is complemented by a USB cable. Note that a mini camera has a mini-USB port. This element enables the transfer of data to a computer. A convenient option for a model with external storage. One can actually initiate the movement of files without the need to disassemble the micro SD card. In addition to transferring data, connecting to the computer by means of the USB cable makes it possible to charge the spy camera. This alternative seems practical at first glance, but it is not in fact practical. The disadvantage of this solution is the charging time. Charging on a computer takes longer than on an electrical outlet. It takes at least an hour to have a battery recharged with a connection to the mains. This minimum load time can be doubled by using a computer. As long as we are not picky about the charging time, we can choose this solution.