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H264 portable 1-channel recorder

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Hdmi output

2 x recording slots

Video input and output

Setting recording times

Motion detection

Memory Card
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The recorder is an indispensable device when it comes to security system. It is the central element of any surveillance system. Without it to manage the video streams, the surveillance system would be a mess. To ensure an efficient monitoring system, equip yourself with a quality recorder. We offer several models of recorder according to your needs. The 1-channel recorder is the device you need, it combines robustness and performance.

This 1-channel recorder is a small portable device that has two recording slots. Thus, thanks to its small size, it is practical and easily movable, yet this does not prevent it from being able to manage several surveillance cameras.

Videos are recorded at a speed of 25 frames per second. Which makes the videos very smooth. All these video recordings are then compressed in the H.264 format. To store all these hours of video, the device requires the use of an SD card. The recorder can accommodate an SD card with a maximum capacity of 64GB.

This video surveillance recorder has a motion detection function. Thus, when an activity is detected, you will be immediately informed. But in addition to having a motion detector, this recorder has a time stamp. This allows you to configure the recording times.

It is also possible to directly view the recorded images thanks to the HDMI output provided by this device. On this output, it will be enough just to connect a television or another peripheral to have the visual.

Regarding its autonomy, this portable recorder has unlimited autonomy because it plugs into the mains or a car battery. It will therefore not be necessary to check its battery level or think about recharging it. So, all you have to do is find a socket, plug in the monitoring device and it will be operational.

The portable recorder is a small device, but it has some remarkable features. If you have one or two CCTV cameras and don't want to mess around with large recorders, equip yourself with this model.

Data sheet

SD card Up to 64GOX2
Frame per second
Video format
Motion detection
Video output
Parking meter

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