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H264 portable 1-channel recorder
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Record and store your videos

It can be said that the video recorder is the central element of a video surveillance system. Directly connected to the cameras, it keeps all the videos. Find on our site, reliable and efficient models that meet your tastes and your needs. Completely robust, this equipment coordinates the entire video surveillance operation. It is therefore necessary to choose it carefully. Depending on your budget, several models of recorders are available on our site. The XVR H264 4-channel video surveillance recorder is one of our most efficient models. It works with the Linux operating system under Windows 7, 8 and 10. Discover among our selections a whole range of video surveillance recorders with 4 RCA audio inputs guaranteeing you better recording during your absences. The videos are then stored in H264 format.

Great safety feats

Good video surveillance cannot be accomplished effectively without a good motion detector. The device records the activities seen from the camera in real time from any location and automatically sends alerts via email, buzzer to your Iphone or Android. In addition to having many cameras broadcasting high definition images to facilitate the viewing of recorded videos, our devices have several video outputs: HD, VGA and CVBS compatible with any device. So you can hook it up to a TV or other devices. Even better, you can connect the recorder to both USB ports. Our models are designed to perfectly withstand extreme temperatures from -10°C to 55°C.

A wide choice of video surveillance recorders

The recorder is the heart of your video surveillance system. Without it, it is impossible to view and store the captured images. To optimize the use of your monitoring tool, we have provided you with a wide range of recorders: 1-channel, 4-channel, 8-channel, 9-channel and 16-channel models. These devices have in common their great performance. If you are a novice, be aware that the number of channels depends on the number of cameras used: 1 to 4 channel recorders are suitable for a single surveillance camera, 8 to 9 channel recorders can be used with 6 or 7 cameras, and so on. .The more cameras used, the more channels the recorder must have.

Ultra-resistant square boxes

The recorders are presented in the form of square boxes. They are easily installed anywhere with their compact size: on your desk or on a solid platform that can support their weight. In the generality of cases, the recorder is not a device that one manipulates at all times. Just put it in its place and it will do its job properly. Some recorders come with a remote control for remote setup. Still, this box benefits from great robustness and optimal resistance. For its maintenance, it will need a little wipe