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HD WiFi spy camera smoke detector
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Spy camera smoke detector
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Smoke detector with spy camera

You want to monitor your property and record the activities of unexpected or unwanted visitors. Discover our brand new range of smoke detectors. These devices are equipped with surveillance cameras. You will avoid wasting your money by buying a smoke detector and a monitoring camera at the same time. With its small built-in spy camera, you're sure to be able to capture images and videos without anyone knowing. In case of burglary or other, you can bring your evidence in HD images. In addition to that, these devices are very easy to use and do not require any movement.

An intelligent system to monitor your store or office

Integrated into the smoke detector, the spy camera will allow you to monitor your customers, your employees or your child's nanny discreetly. Once installed, these smoke detectors also record the slightest movement in different viewing angles. In addition to providing high-quality images, these devices also have a motion detector. As soon as a human presence is detected, the camera recorder is activated automatically. This will make your life a lot easier. Although they must be installed in height, no need for a scaffold to start a recording. Indeed, they each have a remote control that will allow you to control it remotely. You can access it without problems wherever you are from your Android or Apple smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection.

Better fire prevention device

In addition to a quality surveillance camera , our products can detect smoke particles in the air. Once the equipment spots them, it immediately emits an audible alarm to signal the occupants of a fire.

It should be noted that it is not designed to prevent the flame from spreading. It makes it possible to warn tenants so that they can take appropriate measures as quickly as possible. When smoke remains, the audible alert automatically starts again. Fires start at full speed. Fortunately, the detector acts in time. Thanks to the included miniature camera, nothing is easier than analyzing the origin of the fire.

Unlike other products in the similar category, our range of camera smoke detectors master false alarm. However, it is necessary to test the operation of the hardware at certain times. This does not require specific technical knowledge. You can do this manually by pressing the detector or using the remote control. Just like market surveillance devices, our items require regular maintenance. Maintenance optimizes their performance and increases their service life. To use it in the rules of the art, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Our products are supplied with detailed instructions for use. The manufacturer takes the opportunity to mention some recommendations on the installation of the detector, its use and maintenance. Whether you install it in your home, business premises or business, its chic and modern design meets all styles.