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Wireless camera and microphone detector

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Spy camera and microphone detector

Detects GPS and mobile trackers and frequencies between 1 MHz and 6.5 GHz

Rechargeable battery

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The wireless camera detector and micro is a very powerful device for warn of the presence of cameras or microphones into a room. Installed without the knowledge of the owners or occupants, these spy equipment violate everyone's privacy. Thanks to the camera detector, it is now possible to prevent this type of intrusion.

This spy camera detector allows to secure the perimeter. If there are wireless cameras or microphones nearby, the device will detect them immediately. he easily locates GPS trackers and mobile nearby. It is a technology designed to serve as to scan both for professionals and for individuals. Easy to use, this type of camera detector is very sensitive and adjustable as needed. When purchasing the equipment, the user manual is offered to help you get started with the various accessories.

Generally, we easily locates cameras provided with wire since the establishment of this device will be quite apparent. This is not the case with wireless devices. This spy camera detector portable weighs just 86 grams. It is not bulky at all and allows you to search the whole house if necessary without problem. It also holds in one hand so as not to interfere unnecessarily. Despite its size (6.5 * 4.8 * 1.5cm), it can detect frequencies ranging from 1Mhz up to 6.5 GHz. The microphone detector will have no problem find any type of spy microphone even the lowest frequencies. With its headset, supplied with the equipment, and its 8 cm antenna, it is possible to capture and locate interference.

The wireless camera and microphone detector battery operated. This is in high capacity 400mAh lithium. This autonomy offers great freedom of use. Therefore, there is no need to worry about running out of battery. In addition, it is perfectly rechargeable. The kit includes a charger to be connected to a sector.

Data sheet

6.5 * 4.8 * 1.5cm
High capacity lithium
Battery capacity
400 mAh
Frequency detection
1MHz – 6.5GHz
8 cm
86 grams

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