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Spy camera detector and waves

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Mini camera and wave detector

Detects spy cameras, GPS trackers and micro spy

Detects waves between 1 MHz and 6.5 MHz

LED alert and sound

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Looking for an efficient device to detect intrusions? The camera detector spy and waves is a reference. Multifunctional and versatile, it locates both spy camera and GPS trackers, as well as spy microphones. It is sold as a kit consisting of the detector in question, an earpiece to have the signal when it has spot the waves, a battery charger and instructions for use. The latter serves as a guide although the device is not difficult to handle and understand.

This detector therefore has a dual function which makes it possible to perfectly secure its environment. It is used first to spot the spy microphone often hidden in unlikely places. Its remarkable performance allows it to detect up to 10 meters from a distance regardless of the frequency of the waves emitted (from 1 MHz to 6500 MHz). No wave can resist this micro spy detector.This model is also requested for detect all types of spy camera even the smallest known as "pinhead". Its LED indicators light up as soon as it spots a camera nearby. It can also start to vibrate or ring.

The spy camera detector and waves is a kind of mobile scanner. Its light weight offers users an easy grip. Indeed, it weighs only 58 grams. This is a major advantage especially if the area to be scanned is very large. Besides, it is not bulky, about 7.5 * 5 * 1.5cm, so as not to interfere during the operation. This does not however reduce its prowess. After use, the whole can be stored in a drawer without taking up too much space.

To feed it, the spy camera detector is provided with a high capacity battery reaching 450 mAh. A very good quality battery which allows a great autonomy. To recharge it, simply plug the charger into an electrical outlet. So anyone can use this material. You don't have to be a super spy or have special permissions. You just have to go to a specialized store or otherwise on the internet. The kit is available to everyone.

Data sheet

7.5 * 5 * 1.5cm
Battery capacity
450 mAh
Frequency detection
1MHZ - 6500MHZ
Indication mode
Led, vibration or sound
Detection distance
Detects microphones and cameras up to 10 meters
58 grams

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