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20MHZ-6.0GHZ Wireless Camera Detector

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WiFi spy camera detector

Detects broad GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth frequencies
Warning light and sound
9 LED display, the number of lit LEDs determine the frequency distance

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This camera detector wireless 20MHZ-6.0GHZ is especially recommended for professionals. Although it is not really difficult to handle, this model is more suited for larger operations. Its different options are designed with the aim of detecting as much information as possible on intruders in a perimeter of up to 50 meters. With its removable antenna and battery, it weighs around 400 grams. However, it is not bulky at all (175 * 60 * 25mm). It can be easily stored and transported everywhere.

The wireless camera detector 20Mhz-6.0Ghz is both a microphone detector, of spy camera wifi as well as broad GSM, wifi and bluetooth frequencies. Indeed, there are now cameras that can be controlled remotely via an Internet connection for example. Data is immediately collected and shared through a network. This makes their traceability difficult. Today's technologies are evolving more and more, so increasingly sophisticated equipment is needed to cope with them. This spy camera detector responds to this request. It allows you to quickly identify and neutralize intruders.

The camera detector 20Mhz-6.0Ghz wireless holds large capacity for spot the waves. he can detect frequencies between 800Mhz and 1500Mhz, 1800 Mhz and 2500Mhz, 20MHz and 6.0GHz. For it to be effective, it is imperative that it operates between -10 ° C and + 55 ° C of temperature. Below or above these temperatures, it is not functional. This spy microphone detector is composed of 9 LEDs. The number of lights that light up depends on the distance from the frequency. The closer the detector is to the waves, the more LEDs light up. This feature makes it a must have device for security professionals.

This model of spy camera detector comes with a charger and instructions for use. Its battery has a capacity powerful enough to keep it functional in good conditions. You just have to take the time to recharge it before each use to allow it to keep its performance. The guide is also provided to help correctly use the wireless camera detector 20Mhz-6.0Ghz.

Data sheet

175 * 60 * 25mm
Possible operating temperature
-10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
Frequency detection
800Mhz-1500Mhz / 1800-2500Mhz / 20MHz-6.0GHz
Indication mode
Led and sound
Detection distance
Up to 50 meters
400 grams

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