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Wifi spy camera clock
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Clock camera wifi remote vision
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Discreetly monitor with a camera clock

As a video surveillance device, there is no better than a camera clock ! Enjoy all its advantages by ordering one from our online store. Indeed, on the wall of your bedroom, living room or office, the camera clock is able to take photos and videos optimally thanks to the undetectable and unsuspected camera hidden on its upper dial.

Emitting no noise, it is effective for filming quietly without ever attracting attention, while offering high-quality images. In HD or full HD, these surveillance and spying devices with exceptional image quality are the creams of high technology capable of providing you with high-resolution videos at 1280 x 720 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels depending on the model. It's even possible to switch between the two on some devices.

The recording speed of these camera clocks is impressive, and varies depending on the model. Some offer 25 frames per second, while others offer 30 frames per second. However, whatever your choice, you benefit from quality devices at all times. You can use it continuously for several hours thanks to its rechargeable battery. Fully charged, the estimated average recording time offered by its battery is 10 hours non-stop on some models. Also, don't worry about data storage. Our camera clock has a large capacity memory card. The maximum volume accepted by these models is 32GB. Once full, the card can be emptied. Photos and videos can be transferred to your computer or via a USB cable. Indeed, all our camera clocks can be used with a computer running Windows or Mac OS X. As for the data, it can be executed by any kind of media player and can also be played on a Smartphone (Android or iOS).

An observation device with many functions

Make your choice of ideal camera clock among our proposals. It is available in several models and different styles, shapes and colors. Some models also have different options that give them more performance. We have, in fact, camera clocks with motion detectors that are triggered as soon as there is activity, however stealthy it may be. This feature allows them, among other things, to be very autonomous. But still, these camera clocks automatically stop recording as soon as no subject is detected within the perimeter of their range. Others are designed with even more impressive technology offering the possibility of connecting them via the Wifi network. As a result, any device with a WIFI connection can be synchronized to it, and thus receive the images captured by the miniature camera in real time. Thanks to home automation, you will also find remotely controlled camera clocks. So, don't wait any longer! Place an order now to enjoy a purchase at the best value for money.