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Watch camera

No one can deny that most people do not part with their watch throughout the day. Thanks to the spy camera watch, filming a particular event becomes child's play. It allows you to record sounds and images at the same time.

Good reasons to opt for a spy camera watch

Generally, almost models of spy camera watches have the same operating mode. Easy to use, the device has a button to press in order to film. All you have to do is press the same command again to stop recording. As it looks like a classic watch, those around you won't even notice the built-in camera.

This instrument is not only used for taking videos. It also provides photos of exceptional quality. To retrieve them, you just need to use the supplied USB cable and connect it to your computer. The resolution of the images will surprise you.

Some models are fitted with a motion detector which automatically triggers recording. Others benefit from a night vision allowing to capture the pictures in the middle of the night. As technology advances, there are similar spy camera watches waterproof in the trade. They can be used without problem in water.

  • Camera watch: which model to choose?
    Camera watch: which model to choose?

    The watch camera is probably the spy camera most useful and easy to use. It offers full functionality and great features. Its ease of use and its common aspect are all assets for this camera. Which model to choose and what are its features?

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