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Video surveillance

Whether at home, in a business or a box, video surveillance is a sure way to monitor what is really happening there. The system allows you to inform you at the right time of burglary attempts. To help you choose CCTV camera that suits you, there are a few things to consider.

How to choose the CCTV camera without regret?

Faced with fierce competition from manufacturers, an infinite number of products are available on the market. However, not all models are created equal. If you prefer the more advanced options, video surveillance in Wifi mode is right for you. Since it does not require any cables, its installation is a breeze.

As for IP cameras, they allow you to inspect your home using your smartphone. Using the computer network, they send the images to the monitor. Some devices operate using 3G and 4G networks. With a DATA card, data transmission is easier.

Despite the different technologies offered, analog cameras are also among the most widely used today. They are connected to a TV or screen to view the images. They therefore do not require either a computer network or specific software. Either way, it is important to clearly define your needs before choose CCTV camera.

  • Why install a video surveillance system in a house?
    Why install a video surveillance system in a house?

    If you've never been robbed, you probably know people around you who have experienced this sad event. It emerges from their remarks the need to install an alarm in their home, not only, to avoid being harmed by objects and valuables but especially to avoid the psychological trauma generated by this aggression.The damage is of two kinds. Materials with the disappearance of objects and goods. This could range from jewelry, to the stolen trailer in the middle of the night in the garage to...

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  • Important points to know about video surveillance of a home
    Important points to know about video surveillance of a home

    You have the choice between a video surveillance system standard with remote viewing of your outdoor or indoor space and a more advanced device with an alarm and a motion detection system. Among the most requested, the baby cctv which consists in watch over the children. But video surveillance is increasingly available in spy tools such as camera pens, spy car keys, camera lighters, spy shavers, camera watches, camera glasses, camera alarm clocks and many others with integrated mini camera.

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  • Will video surveillance replace human surveillance?
    Will video surveillance replace human surveillance?

    The video surveillance systems, whether in private or public domains, are more and more efficient and are available in several objects. Could this technology one day do without humans?

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  • How to use your video surveillance system in accordance with the law
    How to use your video surveillance system in accordance with the law

    The installation of a video surveillance system secures your home or your business premises. Now you can control the comings and goings of your home from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. However, you must follow rules of good use so as not to break the law and not to give those around you the unpleasant impression of spying on them without their knowledge.

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  • The ideal digital CCTV camera
    The ideal digital CCTV camera

    Even though the indoor cctv cameras tend to become more democratic, with the particular objective of ensuring the safety of toddlers, those that are positioned outside are by far the most popular models.They are used to monitor goods and people. They can also be used to control manufacturing processes or ongoing activities in business and industry. There are many models on the market, but is there an ideal CCTV camera?

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