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Micro spy

To confirm the suspicions, the use of a mini spy microphone is essential. Since it is very small and often hidden in an everyday object, no one even notices its existence. However, it effectively records the sounds or conversations in a given location. You can then listen to them remotely to prove the doubts.

A perfect spy accessory to record surrounding sounds

Before handling, take the time to charge the battery so that it does not release during work. All you need to do is use the USB cable or charger supplied with purchase. That said, install the mini spy microphone delicately out of sight. It takes care of recording all sounds and storing them on an SD card. This allows you to hear an important conversation while you are away.

The mini spy microphone has the advantage of being easy to use. Its operation depends on the category of the model. Some require the GSM network to listen to the recordings. By inserting a SIM card inside, you can audition them anywhere you want.

As for wireless products, they must respect a certain distance to benefit from perfect listening. Because of the absence of the cable, their discretion is at the top. Often they feature a design similar to familiar accessories.

  • Spy Microphone Long Distance
    Spy Microphone Long Distance

    Have you found us online because you are looking to purchase a state-of-the-art spy microphone which picks up clear sound from a long distance?

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  • How to detect hidden cameras and microphones
    How to detect hidden cameras and microphones

    Do a physical search of the premises. Either a careful investigation of the apartment or building that you want to analyze in order to know if any cables spy microphones or cameras have been installed. To do this, identify anything that is out of the ordinary or that would not be out of place. Paintings, flowers, lamps, camera smoke detectors, loudspeakers, computers, flowerpots, light fixtures, sofa cushions, shelves, rugs, table tops ... All the places to hide spy cameras. “Hard-wired” spy...

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  • Spy microphones, hello I'm listening
    Spy microphones, hello I'm listening

    Hello I'm listening If you needrecord a conversation between several people, a phone call or any voice emitted remotely and that above all you do not want to be spotted, a spy camera possessing a spy microphone is a fatal weapon to know everything, hear everything, discover everything. Espionage is sometimes necessary, in fact, in private life as well as in complicated professional situations where it is useful to be able to be informed.

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  • The discreet and intelligent eyes and ears of security
    The discreet and intelligent eyes and ears of security

    The miniaturization of electronic components, and in particular that of microprocessors, has seen the development of numerous discreet surveillance. We can now, while respecting the framework of the legislation, listen to everything and see without being seen. The spy microphones and the mini cameras that popular folklore describes as spy camera hide in the places and in the heart of the most unexpected objects. It is very easy to store and disseminate the information obtained in complete...

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  • Everything you need to know about the spy microphone
    Everything you need to know about the spy microphone

    The spy microphone is a small electronic device that allows you to listen to audio. This is a real material for spying. Its use is as much in a professional as personal.The device is thus in the form of a small compact housing. Its resistance or durability obviously varies depending on the model. The device embeds a built-in microphone which makes it possible to record sound - it is mainly used to listen discreetly to conversations. Note that it is possible to configure the sensitivity of the...

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