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A quality surveillance camera at a fair price

Sometimes you are away from home for a while for a variety of reasons. The 1MP camera is a good visual deterrent to ward off people who want to break into your home and are looking to commit criminal acts against you. Thanks to the 1MP camera, you will have the chance to record with high image resolution all the activities that happen around your property. The 1MP camera has a 51° angle view, which can effectively observe and reduce the minimum blind spot. You can have it at an affordable price on our online store. The 1Mp camera is delivered with its 12 volt power supply box which plugs into a mains socket. So you wouldn't have to worry about its autonomy.

Precautions to take to preserve your home and your valuables

It is not new for everyone to realize that the increase in the crime rate is more worrying day by day. However, there are practical solutions that can save you considerably from this looming threat. CCTV camera installation is one of them. Find the 1MP camera model on our online store so you don't lose sight of everything that is happening around your property, office, and other places with valuables that you would like to protect. A discreet home surveillance system that deserves a place in every home and office.

A camera with an innovative design

If we are used to meeting rectangular, cylindrical and rounded cameras, this range of 1 MP cameras is distinguished by its square appearance. It is a futuristic design that allows it to be installed in different ways: on the table, on a shelf or in height. The camera is equipped with a metal bracket for a stable and solid hold. The mechanism integrated inside allows it to stand straight or slightly tilted. It should be noted that the image quality is exceptional regardless of the position of the camera. Its pinhole lens of 3.7 millimeters promises a resolution of up to 700 TVL, which is very significant for a small 1MP camera. For those who don't know, 700TVL is equivalent to 960 pixels. Small but very effective The effectiveness of the 1MP camera should never be judged by its size, because the more compact it is, the more discreet it is and the better it is able to optimize surveillance activities. Its dimensions of 25 x 25 x 10 cm for a weight of 150 grams facilitate its concealment in hard-to-reach places. Thus, it will be safe from prying eyes while providing well-detailed images of everything that happens in its field of vision. In use, it is very effective for monitoring a smaller space: a small warehouse, a child's room, a studio, etc.